A significant outcome of Solid Rock's outreach in the Philippines is the decision to buy land and build three youth camps; one in the Bicol region of southern Luzon, another in Antique in the western Visayas and a third in the area of Davao City, Mindanao. One of the preachers at the recent meetings, Evangelist Mark McGaughey, has started Tulong Ministries in order to raise funds through American and Canadian churches for churches in the Philippines. Tulong Minisrtries will be working through Solid Rock Baptist Church (Calgary) to procure the land and build the facilities for the three youth camps. Tulong Ministries is progressing well in raising funds. Other independent Baptist churches, including one in the Middle East, are also raising monies for the youth camps. Individual donors are also invited to participate in this project through which many young lives will be changed for the glory of God..
Donations for the Philippine Youth Camp Project can be made on this website.

What other preachers say!

I was able to watch the youth camp video on my computer in church office.  Wow!  I laughed and cried all over again.  Thank you so much for letting me have a part in your youth camp.  You will never know how much it means to me. Thanks again.

image01Rick Drummond | Pastor - Lebanon Baptist Temple, Lebanon, OH, USA

What other preachers say!

In 24 years on the road very few churches have I witnessed the hand of God on a Missionary, a church, a congregation, a group of people like Solid Rock. This church has been above & beyond in the care of this Evangelist! I'm supposed to be the help but the opposite is true. Thank you Solid Rock!

image02Mark McGaughey | Evangelist - Liberty Baptist Church, Pell City Alabama, USA

What other preachers say!

Solid Rock Baptist Of Calgary is not a MEGA Church... It's a small church but with a Mega Heart!

image03Ulysses L. Fundano | Pastor - Bicol Bible Baptist Church, Legazpi City, Philippines

What other preachers say!

I believe it is a real Church with the real power and presence of GOD, with a real Pastor that loves God and His People, with a real People that love God and one another, with a real purpose, and with a real passion. Thank God for them!

image04Terrel Jackson | Evangelist - Shady Acres Baptist Church, Houston,Texas, USA

What other preachers say!

Solid Rock Baptist Church is a good church, because everybody is doing their part and the people there is taught to be polite. The church draws people to the Lord Jesus Christ. I love this church!

image05Orland Fajardo | Pastor - Davao Baptist Temple, Davao City, Philippines

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