Assistant Pastors

The assistant pastors of Solid Rock Baptist Church Of Calgary are part of a pastoral team. They serve under the immediate oversight of Pastor Jon Mark Harwood.


David Blankenship, Assistant Pastor


Brother Dave and Sister Amber have been married for 9 years and have four children – two boys  (Judsen and Zain) and two girls (Emma and Kaylie).

Pastor Dave Blankenship has been serving with us here at Solid Rock Baptist Church since 2009. He is involved in the many facets of the ministry here; ranging from preaching, teaching and outreach. He also plays a distinct role in the maintenance operations around the church, simply working behind the scenes to make sure everything works and runs smoothly.

Pastor Blankenship can be contacted through email:



Matthew Harwood, Assistant Pastor


Brother Matt and Sister Angela have been married since September 26th, 2008 and have three children – two girls (Jael and Gabriela) and a son (Jacob).

Pastor Matt Harwood plays a vital role at Solid Rock Baptist Church in many areas. Since joining our staff in 2011, his special gift with music has enabled him to assume the role as our Music Director. He is also the Coordinator for the Homeschool Ministry of our church.

Pastor Matt Harwood can be contacted through email: