Wallyball/Valleyball Ministry of Solid Rock Baptist Church!

Members of Solid Rock Baptist Church meet weekly all year round at Acadia Sports Recreation Center located at 240-90th Avenue, SE, Calgary. The mixed teams play wallyball* or Volleyball games each Friday evening at 7:00 and finish about 9:00, after which those who are interested go for a time of fellowship at the Tim Horton’s at Southland Drive and Fairmount Drive, SE. The players’ ages range from 12 to 65+ years. Each Friday evening about 40 to 60 people come out to enjoy this great time for exercise and friendly visiting.


*Wallyball (known in some places as rebound volleyball) is a fast-paced sport that was created by Bill Dejonghe at the Calabasas Racquetball Club (Calabasas, California), in 1979 . The idea was an attempt to help bring more business into the club in the summer months. The club pro Joe Garcia then took Wallyball mainstream.

Wallyball may have roots in an earlier game known as Deckerball, which used similar mechanics and was played as early as 1972. In Kansas, Illinois, a high school physical education teacher and a couple of students sat down to create a game that combined several skills from other games that would be used for indoor play during bad weather situations. By combining handball, tennis, and volleyball, they arrived at the game known as Deckerball (after one of the students involved in its creation, Mark Decker).


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